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Are you looking for a good book to go with your morning coffee on Sunday? Wondering which book to read? We all have our personal tastes-fiction, nonfiction, literature, biographies and even the latest hot favorite, manga, but you can’t judge a book by its cover. We seek other readers’ advice before getting started on a new book in the same way as we look out for opinions before buying any new gadgets or electronics.Nowadays, book lovers look for a full-on verdict on books with opinions, ratings, suggestions and comments from experts and other readers. There are quite a few book review websites that offer detailed analysis and evaluation.Surfing through the New York Times best sellers on your notebook or desktop PC is the best way to begin your quest for your next read, but why to boot up a notebook when you have mobile technology right in your hands? It’s more convenient to use a larger screen since the small easy steps of browsing through websites can become a little complicated on mobile devices, where you have to open the browser and wait for ages for a review website to load.Mobile devices are supposed to make our life easier and faster; there should be the same way to explore the world of books on mobile devices. There is an app for everything-from eBook apps to eBook book readers, so why not a book review app? Actually there are many book review apps on Apple App Store, but there are hardly any on the Android Market!There are some must have’s in a Book Review app.Simple and easy to use interfaceQuick syncingComprehensive color schemes and display optionsExtensive options to view, edit, favorite and share the feeds with friends, book lovers and even strangersA new addition to the Android Market, the Best Book Reviews app, is definitely addressing the problem for book lovers. The Best Book Reviews app keeps you updated on the latest book reviews and news right on your Android smartphone or tablet PC. Although it’s an exhaustive app with heaps of options, it has an utterly simple interface. It’s a refreshing change compared to most of the battery-draining RSS feed apps on Android Market.Mobile app usage has already surpassed web-browser usage as more consumers are opting for a quicker route for everything, even for finding book reviews. Enjoy reading the mobile way.

Book Review For “Conquering Passion”

Book Review for: “Conquering Passion”
Written by: Anna Markland
ISBN: 978-0-9878673-0-8
Avail as: eBook and print book
4 StarsMarkland writes a sweeping Norman epic with “Conquering Passion.” Rambaud (Ram) de Montbryce is a Norman noble and a trusted assistant to William the Conqueror. His own heart refuses to be tamed until he meets Mabelle de Valtess, but dare he give into the passion she invokes?The story is set against the backdrop of 1066 Normandie. Ram is a young man and heir to his lands. His father arranges his marriage to a Norman noblewoman, Mabelle. Unfortunately, Ram has no desire to marry, especially a woman he hasn’t seen. He’d rather follow his lord, William, Duke of Normandie to England.On his way home to be married, Ram finds a woman laying in the grass coved by bluebells near a lake. It’s Mabelle. Both parties mistake the scene. Ram returns to his castle and delays the wedding, insulting Mabelle and her father. Within months he leaves to accompany William to England.War gives Ram a different perspective on life and he comes to realize what a real gem he had found in Mabelle. William gives Ram land in the Welsh Marches. Ram inspects his land and is injured by a Welsh Prince, Rhodri. As Ram recovers in the home of a Saxon noblewoman, he finds comfort in her arms. Once he’s well again, he goes to Normandie intent on winning Mabelle’s heart, but will his past actions and previous reluctance make going forward with his life a duty without pleasure or will he find true passion?Markland has done her research and it shows. The setting’s authentic feel makes the reader believe they’re a squire in Ram’s care along for the ride. The author uses a good economy of words to paint vivid descriptions of the time. The plot moves at a nice pace, never lingering.The characters are interesting and likable. Mabelle is loyal and honest and it’s easy to identify with her. Ram embodies a soldier of the time, confident and heroic, but fickle when it comes to listening with his heart. The supporting cast of characters helps to round out the story and give the novel it’s epic effect.For me, the story feels more like the beginning of a family saga than a historical romance, since Ram is not faithful in deeds to Mabelle. There were some formatting errors with the Kindle edition, but it didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the story. There are several love scenes, while appropriate to the story, are not for the faint of heart.”Conquering Passion” is full of greed, betrayal, loyalty, nobility, and love. The novel takes the reader on the first adventure of the Montbryce family.